Pie’s the Limit


Sorry, Paul F. Tompkins, but pie beats cake any day of the week. Actually, pie beats just about any food item it comes up against. The one real downside? Pie sometimes beats would-be pie maker, condemning all those hooked on the good stuff but unable to properly roll a crust to a life of trolling neighborhood’s pie spots (there are definitely worse fates). For those who are tired of being bested by pastry dough however, there is a very amazing, very limited opportunity at the Brooklyn Kitchen to turn the tables once and for all: Millicent Souris, author of How to Build a Better Pie and judge of their instantly sold out Daisy Flour Pie Contest, is teaching a hands-on pie making class, where you will leave, may butter and lard help you, able to make a pie. You’ll even get to bring yours home! The class is $65 and about two hours long, but space is limited and spots are guaranteed to go fast—grab the few remaining before this golden flaky opportunity is gone for good.

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