Lights, Camera, Action Hero!


You’ve had a full week to get pumped since we ran our preview of second annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, which runs August 4-12 and features premieres of over 45 films that have some connection to our favorite borough. The entire shebang kicks off in style on Saturday night (though there is a special pre-festival free screening of The Warriors on Thursday) with a free screening of Out for Justice, the 1991 cult classic set in Brooklyn and starring a certain martial arts maven named Steven Seagal. The Steven Seagal lookalike contest slated to take place after the movie is what we’re most excited about though—there is no doubt that creative Brooklynites are going to bring it hard, so if you don’t come dressed in a black ponytail wig and a Team USA Olympic beret, at least bring a camera. In my humble opinion, anyone who tracks down a bottle of Scent of Action, Seagal’s branded aftershave (seriously, this exists), should get extra credit, but I’m not an official judge. The winner gets a VIP pass to the festival, which includes admission to the opening and closing parties. Tickets for the Out for Justice screening, as well as all the other festival events, are available here. — K.H.

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