Chain and The Gang Take 285 Kent


Growing up, Ian Svenonius played a huge role in my childhood. Nation Of Ulysses supplied a sweet soundtrack to my skateboarding days, having the Cupid Car Club EP made me feel a step ahead of everyone else, and then came The Make-Up, a band I’ve seen more times than any other, playing the most insane shows ever. After The Make-Up disbanded (a sad day) came David Candy, Scene Creamers, Weird War and a book he penned called The Psychic Soviet. Now Svenonius is fronting a band called Chain and The Gang and is bringing the group to 285 Kent this Thursday. They play lo-fi garage rock/soul with a stage show that is sure to keep you wide-eyed the entire time. Joining them on the bill will be K Records founder and Beat Happening front man, Calvin Johnson (he’s been in many bands). With a back catalogue as big as his, who knows what to expect, except for his unforgettable deep deep vocals. Tickets $10 at the door, show starts at 9pm. –J.H.

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