Cortelyou Cultivation


So maybe some of you had as disappointing a run at container gardening as I did this summer, but I doubt it. After expending copious time, money, and sweat building a mini-farm, I produced a yield of precisely one strawberry, a bunch of basil, and a tomato that was eaten by a squirrel who’d better sleep with one eye open. If I give it another go next year, and that’s still a big if, I am going to do it armed with a lot more knowledge, and this Sunday’s Gardening Workshop Mixer in Ditmas Park sounds like a good place to start. The event kicks off at 2:30pm at Flatbush Community Garden, where local gardening experts will be instructing the group on the basics, as well as more advanced topics like backyard propagation, how to make a self-watering system, and creating elixirs from the plants that you grow. Once you’ve honed your DIY gardening chops, head over to one of my favorite restaurants, The Farm on Adderley, for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres made from ingredients harvested from the garden. The whole shebang costs $45 per person, and you should reserve your spot in advance. –K.H.

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