Quick—think of the best thing on earth. If you thought of Disney World, puppy yawns, day drinking, or salted caramel, you’re super close, but…not quite there yet. Abraham Lincoln riding a velociraptor, holding a light saber and making world peace happen in a way that pageant queens could only dream of? I’ll get back to you. In the meantime—SHARK PARTY, everyone!  If Shark Week, Steven Spielberg, and the notebooks I had as an eight-year-old are any indication, sharks are pretty much the coolest creatures on the planet, and if you head to the Bell House for Secret Science Club’s  Shark Party, I’m sure you’ll agree. Not only will there be door prizes, live music, and shark-themed beverages, but marine biologist Hans Walters (of the New York Aquarium) will be there discussing his work tagging and tracking sharks, answering audience questions, and showing his documentary that’s debuting on Shark Week—it’s about Great Whites, the best sharks in all of sharkdom. And if you needed any more convincing, it’s also absolutely free. –V.R.

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