Uprise Art on the Rise at Daily Candy


"Animal Hybrid Series (Deerfly)" by Abby Goodman, available at Uprise Art

Remember back, a year or so ago when we told you about Uprise Art? No? Lemme jog your memory. It’s an art-buying club–you pay $50 a month to have a piece of art that you select from Uprise’s carefully curated gallery in your home, professional installation included. That $50 goes toward buying the piece, or you can trade it in for something different if you live with it for awhile and decide it’s not for you. Basically, Uprise cultivates young collectors who can afford to pay as much for as for, say cable or a the gym, but might balk at paying for a $900 or $2000 piece all in one go. And, artists receive a moderate monthly income from “renting” out their work, while developing new fans. Everybody wins.

Why the recap? Well, Daily Candy is holding a contest called Start Small, Go Big and Uprise is one of the start-ups competing for DC’s one-on-one mentorship and the publicity that goes along with that. Tze Chun, the founder of Uprise is a real mover and shaker (and Fort Greene resident) and Uprise is a pretty genius idea. I won’t tell you how to vote (I kinda just did though, I know), but I will tell you that when you do, you’ll be entered to win $250 in Daily Candy deals and a Jonathan Adler tote bag. They pick a winner each day, AND you can vote each day.

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