An Experience You’ll Never Forget


I was lucky enough to catch Adira Amram and the Experience at Kristen Schaal’s second-to-last Hot Tub, and her set was definitely one of the highlights of the night (which is saying something). Now Adira and her fly girls are returning to Littlefield to headline Dance Party Fantasy, and they’re bringing every inch of spandex in Brooklyn with them. If you combined the best of late 70’s/early 80’s fashion, sick, sweet dance moves that would make even the dopest club kids weep, and just enough sincerity to make this comedy act kind of ‘wait, WHAT-just-happened?!’ weird, you’d be too late because Adira Amram already did it, and she did it too awesome for anyone else to try it again. Sort of like Tenacious D, but with roughly 100x more glitter explosions. Get tickets and get electric!  –-V.R.

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