Walk on the Weird Side


As fascinating as they sound to me in theory, a walking tour is the last thing I would sign up for. I am too easily distracted, so listening to a guide pontificate on the features of a 19th century something… See? I’m already bored. An Elastic City walk, on the other hand, is the kind of loosely led tour that is perfect for people who love to explore the city, without following a leader or trying to absorb a litany of facts. You should also be willing to get a little kooky. On the EC walk I took last summer, each person in our group was assigned lines to say to people on the street. If someone was lugging home groceries, for instance, one of us told the person, “They say carrying bags is good exercise!” This either sparked bewilderment or a conversation, something I normally try to avoid with strangers on the sidewalk. Ultimately, the evening was one of the more surreal, memorable experiences I’ve had in New York, and Tuesday’s final Fabstractions walk in and around Prospect Park, led by EC founder Todd Shalom, promises to unlock another hidden side of the city. Its description is vague: “The group will construct a dance that glows, a light-play from car reflections, fresh dirt theatre and a waterfall sonata.” But rest assured the walk will be one of the most enjoyable $20 experiences you have in this town.–N.D.

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