Brooklyn Shop Named Big Cheese in City Sandwich Competition


Pimento cheese doesn’t typically get much play above the Mason-Dixon Line, but sandwiches made from the comfort food are currently having a moment, making their way onto menus at more than a few restaurants around the city. Today, Gothamist decided to put together a list of the best pimento cheese sandwiches in NYC and found its winner (and a number of notable runners-up) in Brooklyn.

Van Horn Sandwich Shop in Cobble Hill took top honors with its Toasted Pimento Cheese Sandwich, and Egg in Williamsburg also made the list for its Hot Ham and Pimento Cheese sandwich.

While both Brooklyn spots delineated from the traditional recipe for the Dixieland delight—a mix of cheddar cheese, mayo and pimento peppers—we’re sure Paula Deen would still be proud. And, we’d like to throw it out there that the adult cheese at The Commodore, on Metropolitan, paired with the adult chip cookie from Saltie, just a few doors down, might be our favorite dream team menu mash-up.


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