Consider the Lobster


I am fresh off a week-long stint in Maine, which included multiple trips to the top-secret spot where I’ve cracked lobster shells, dug out the rich, tender meat and dipped it into liquid butter every summer since before I can remember. There is no better summer meal than steamed lobster from a fresh haul, accompanied by a ripe ear of corn and a crisp root beer to wash it all down. Ideally, this sublime dining experience would all take place on a painted wooden dock with a panoramic view of Maine’s craggy, piney coastline, but that’s obviously not in the cards here in Brooklyn. Luckily, the venerated Red Hook Lobster Pound is just a short subway ride (and then a semi-long walk, at least until the Smith and 9th Street station reopens) away, and they’ve been running a Lobstah Dinner deal every Wednesday this summer—a 1.5-pounder, corn and coleslaw for only $20. Grab yourself a Maine Root root beer and park it at a picnic table—you might be missing the downeast scenery but the taste and price are what they would be in Vacationland itself. Wicked good, ayuh? –K.H.

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