Bring Out the Beasts


There are plenty of outdoor bootcamps in Brooklyn, but only one Beastanetics. What? Beastanetics. Created by Tim Haft, the mad fitness genius behind Punk Rope, Beastanetics is a twice-a-week interval training program designed around super short, super intense bursts of activity; it’s equipment-free, consisting entirely of body weight exercises like mountain climbers, sprints and squat jumps, and the fitness results are fast and furious. This is the workout that will make you feel okay about trying every new restaurant in Brooklyn this fall. And, the sessions are as intensely fun and friendly as they are strenuous–this is a serious workout, but it is SO not an intimidating gym scene. Intrigued? Try Beastanetics for free in McCarren Park tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 6 at 6:45am, 8am and 9:15am (meet on the soccer field by the track). Six-week sessions of twice weekly classes will begin September 10. More information on the Beastanetics fall session here. Be a beast!

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