Toons and Tunes


Dance parties, man—they’re the best. From the ones you have in your bedroom before you go out, to the ones you can drop into in venues across town that now (thankfully) come in all shapes and sizes. You know what else is the best? Nostalgia–you know you never have as much fun dancing for serious as you do when you’re moon-walking through your apartment for fun. Saturday Morning Cartoons knows where I’m at, and they’re going to be putting on a night of all 80’s/90’s music at Music Hall of Williamsburg this weekend for you and every other cool kid to dance to. Bring your freshest Air Jordans, slap on your favorite slap bracelets, and best wear your hair in your highest high ponytail girl, because once you have your $15 ticket, you better be sweatin’ your best till the party closes down. –VR

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