A Proper Pub Quiz


Many moons ago, during a semester abroad in England, I became obsessed with pub quizzes, which seemed the perfect way to inject some healthy competition into the business of a night out drinking with friends. Since moving to New York, I have been to more bar trivia nights than I care to count and I’m here to say that they are not all created equal. What are the inferior ones missing?  I don’t know, but I think it might have something to do with the British factor—the Boddington’s on tap, the Walker’s crisps for sale, and the very specific brand of camaraderie that exists in any good local pub in the U.K. The Monro, a newish English watering hole in Park Slope that has dubbed itself “Liverpool in Brooklyn,” has all of the above-mentioned elements, and I’m hoping that their pub quiz, which takes place every second Tuesday at 8pm, will be the answer to my Stateside trivia needs. Bone up on your pop culture references and pop round this week for some pints and meat pies. Brilliant! –K.H.

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  1. megan -

    Johnny Mack’s 1114 8th ave in Park Slope hosts a legit pub quiz tuesdays @8. Questions are challenging and pretty diverse catagories. Free to enter prize is a $25 bar tab plus a free sghot at the end of the quiz!


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