A Night of DJrJr-ing


I usually don’t know how to feel about the whole band-member-musician-now-DJ-for-a-night thing. Sure, it can be done, but usually only by acts that started out DJing and know what’s up (like Biz Markie), or DJ/musician wunderkinds whose skills are so intertwined that they can’t really be separated into either category (like James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem). Sadly not everyone is James Murphy (I know—I keep wishing, but so far, no luck), so a lot of these crossover events end up as dud fests. But when I heard that Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr was going to be doing a midnight DJ set at Brooklyn Bowl, I thought “this could actually work.” The tongue-in-cheek indie duo hail from Detroit, and the electronic-swirled soft-indie folk pop they play (delivered with clever quips and a palpable sense of humor) blends far-reaching forms that work together in a way that reminds me of a really kickass DJ set. The show is $8 in advance, $10 at the door, tickets available here. –V.R.

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