See How the Other Half Gardens


I am the first to admit that I often fight a weird, voyeuristic urge to peer into well-lit brownstone windows when strolling by just so I can see what other people’s apartments look like. Maybe that’s why this weekend’s Garden Walk in Williamsburg is so appealing to me–my willingness to dispense with social niceties to gawk from the sidewalk aside, there is simply no way to peep at a hidden backyard garden without being expressly invited to do so. From 2-5pm this Saturday, seven professional and amateur gardeners in and around Williamsburg are opening their yards to the public for a free, self-guided tour sponsored by Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center.  They will be on hand to share the stories behind their gardens and provide advice for other aspiring green thumbs, including tips on Brooklyn-specific topics like clearing rubble and testing soil.  More detail on the featured spaces–which include a multilayered rooftop garden with 300 plants, a double-wide garden with raised beds made of cracked tombstones, and a courtyard garden planted in memory of the owner’s grandparents who used to live there–can be found here. Maps and addresses will be available for pick up at Crest on the morning of the tour, and all stops are within walking or biking distance. –K.H.

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