Even More SF to NYC: Rosamunde Sausage Grill


It used to be that restaurants were more likely to start in New York and expanded west, but it seems the new thing is West Coast eateries branching out to NYC. Already this year we’ve had Portland’s Pok Pok arrive in Red Hook and San Francisco’s Mission Chinese Food hit the Lower East Side. As I mentioned in this week’s fall restaurant preview, Elizabeth Falkner’s Krescendo pizzeria is on the way from SF as well.

Back in June, when I wrote about four West Coast food innovations that need to come to Brooklyn, I didn’t think to mention San Francisco’s Rosamunde Sausage Grill, but I am pleased to see they have landed in BK nonetheless. I’ve enjoyed the original Rosamunde’s in the Haight on several occasions (in a key move, it’s set right next to awesome craft beer bar Toronado, and they let you carry your links inside to down along with your beers).

Rosamunde’s Brooklyn offshoot opened last week in Williasmburg, on Bedford between South 1st and Grand. Like the original, they have a list of savory sausages that run the gamut from supremely meaty (wild boar with apples and cranberries) to vegan (Italian-style with red wine, garlic and fennel), and come  on a French roll, topped with your choice of sauerkraut, grilled onions, sweet peppers, hot peppers or beef chili.

The not-so-surprising downside is the significant price hike, with Rosamunde Brooklyn’s prices starting at $8 a sausage ($8.75 for premium ones). However, one of these is enough for a meal, so it’s still not a horrible deal. The notable upgrade is that you don’t have to leave this Rosamunde for booze–they have 24 beers on offer, plus tap wine, homemade sodas and cocktails.

Rosamunde will host an opening party this Saturday, September 15, bringing the West Coast flavor with $1 pints of Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA from 6 to 9 pm.

(Photo: Rosamunde)

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