Fungi Seeks Girl for Long Walks in the Woods


Ok, so when I first heard about this movie I assumed it was a documentary, for some reason. Which sounded great, but potentially very, very plodding. The thing about foraging, especially for mushrooms, is that you walk around, in silence, staring at the ground, mostly. I’m sure the rush when you hit a huge patch of morels is worth it, but it’s pretty…well, boring unless you have an incredibly entertaining internal monologue.

Back to Now, Forager, A Film about Love and Fungi (it’s the subtitle, that’s what made me thing it was a doc). This is actually a sort of foodie rom-com, complete with grumpy, reclusive husband and more ambitious wife. And now I just don’t know what to think. Most recent foodcentric movies (not docs, mind you) are sort of lame and make painstaking hard work look like a well paid breeze. But, this is an indie movie, not that Catherine Zeta-Jones vehicle, No Reservations (bet you forgot it existed). Maybe it’s filled with stunning foraging shots and chock full of sparkling dialog. Definitely going to find out when it plays at IFC in October.

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