Two Things to Read, Two Things to Watch


Here at Brooklyn Based we often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and to read, watch and listen to every great new novel, publication and web series out there. Here are a few of the things we’ve made time for lately.

1. At the Bottom of Everything

Brooklyn-based writer Ben Dolnick has a new novel out that dwells on friendship, failure, guilt and secrets in a quietly confident way that will keep you turning the pages until you come the to end. read our full review>>>

2. This is My City

In this new web series Tim Kafalas, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and his Irish pal Thomas Beug travel around the world–from Lisbon to Tokyo so far with Beirut and Belgrade in between–enlisting the help of locals to show the duo what is amazing and delightful about their cities. It’s like a little escape to watch each episode. read more>>>

3. Beautiful Savage

Idle hands might be the devil’s workshop, but when Williamsburg resident Chad Saville found himself laid up with a spinal injury last winter, the extra time on his hands wound up being just what he needed to get his culture magazine, Beautiful Savage, off the ground. read more>>>

4. Forever Brooklyn

This web video is just about four minutes long (so you definitely have time to check it out), and it’s a beautifully shot cinematic love letter to Brooklyn. We loved it so much we did a Q&A with filmmaker Francesco Paciocco. read more>>>

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