Eat Your Way to Better Health with a JumpStart Cleanse


Julia Greene of Jump Kitchen

If you’ve ever done a cleanse, or contemplated it, chances are you used juice. Right? What other kind cleanse is there?

As crazy (and common sensical) as it sounds, you can eat your way to better health–particularly if it’s prepared by a pro who knows her way around a plant-based, nutrient-rich diet of raw and cooked foods.

That pro is Julia Greene of Jump Kitchen, and right now she’s offering 20% off her JumpStart Cleanse. Sign up now and you can start it anytime in the next 30 days, plus be invited for  some in-person advice, free appetizers, and even a glass of wine this Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 61 Local in Boerum Hill, so you can toast to your good health before embarking on a detox that won’t shock your system silly.

The 5-day, food-based cleanse is designed to gently help your body eliminate toxins and put you on the path to better health and nutrition. Each day you’ll get 3 real meals (like sauteed spinach and peppers with sardines in a spicy tomato garlic sauce over spaghetti squash!) and 2 satisfying snacks (like sweet potato pie!) DELIVERED to you, along with a probiotic supplement and herbal detox tea to maximize the potential of your cleanse.

Eating better with Julia is easy, because her food is so good!

Unlike typical juice-based cleanses which can shock your system with sugars and leave you feeling hungry, Jump Kitchen’s meals feature anti-inflammatory and nutrient-rich foods to promote sustained energy and keep you satisfied.

The normal cost is $74 per day plus tax and delivery–less expensive than even a straight-up juice cleanse!–but when you sign up now you’ll get 20% off, plus a chance to talk to Julia in person (and ask any healthy eating questions) and mingle with your fellow cleansers this Wednesday, October 10, from 7-9pm at 61 Local.

Appetizers will be served along with your choice of a glass of wine or kombucha, and if you’re ready to start the cleanse immediately you can receive your first day of meals at the event. Sign up now and get your immune system into shape for the winter cold season.

JumpStart Fall Immune Boosting Special
Wednesday, Oct. 10, 7-9pm
61 Local
61 Bergen St., Cobble Hill
20% off a 5-day JumpStart Cleanse (which you can start any time in the next 30 days!), plus free wine or kombucha and appetizers
Sign up here

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