Austen Found


Jane Austen is one of the most gifted and well-known writers in the English language—authors as far-ranging as Virginia Woolf and J.K. Rowling have sung her praises, and her novels have been adapted and readapted to movies so many times that it’d be remarkable if you hadn’t caught one in your lifetime. But for all her prevalence, surprisingly little is actually known about her as a person. Which is why it’s so cool that the Jane Austen Society of North America is holding a free lecture by renowned Austen scholar Annette LeClaire, focusing on the lady herself, and opening it to the public as part of their annual society meeting. It’s a rare chance to learn more about the woman who basically revolutionized what it meant to be a modern woman writer, and the perfect excuse to curl about with one of her books (or, okay, fine—the Colin Firth miniseries) after. The lecture is being held at The Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, and you can reserve your free ticket by emailing

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