The World According to Mickalene Thomas


Mickalene Thomas’s rhinestone-studded, fabulously vivid female portraits and interiors, which often riff upon the work of French Impressionists like Manet, are now on view at the Brooklyn Museum, and our reviewer Ilana Novick found a lot to love about the exhibit, open through January 20th. “This is not only an excellent exhibit, but also an excellent pairing of artist and institution,” she writes. “Thomas is a Brooklyn native, and her work reflects the brash energy of the borough.” The themes of her work, from 19070s fashion to mother figures, inspired the programming for this month’s First Saturday at the Museum, where everyone is invited to dress up in their best 70s wear, make collages, and pose for photos, but for the first time ever at a Target First Saturday, there will be no dance party! If you’ve ever felt like a sardine there–well, that’s why.

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