All-Hallow’s Scenes


Halloween season is the season of fun things to get scared by, and it’s important to know what kind of ‘fraidy-cat activities suit you best. If you’re a slasher-flick attending, scare-house haunting, adrenaline junkie who loves nothing more than the thought of terrifying things going bump in the night, then  Luna Park’s Nights of Horror is your jam. Opening this weekend and continuing every weekend through October, the legendary Coney Island mainstay will be transformed nightly into a fairground of nightmares, with two haunted mazes, and unlimited runs of 11 of Luna’s rides, all for the $30 entry admission. Stick around Coney Island for the annual Creepshow at the Freakshow, starting this Friday and running through Halloween; this year’s theme is the awfully topical mash-up of presidents, zombies, and zombie presidents. If you’re more the type who would enjoy a psychological thriller, a cocktail, and some retrospective True Crime episodes, then Ugly Rhino’s Warehouse of Horrors at Brooklyn Lyceum has what you’re jonesing for. In typical Ugly Rhino style, the theater company is producing six dramatic story-telling experiences with accompanying cocktails, all set in 1970s Brooklyn, featuring a rave, the mob, corrupt cops—even some horrifying nonfictional narratives set in our beloved borough. The Warehouse opens on the 12th, with its final date on the 1st, and a costume party follows the performance on Halloween night.

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