Cruising the Canal


Ignoramuses who dismiss Gowanus because of its Superfund status are missing out on getting to know one of the most intriguing and rapidly-changing neighborhoods in Brooklyn–and I’m not just saying that because I live there. This weekend, familiarize yourself with its vibrant art scene by taking a stroll through Gowanus Open Studios, which grants you free access to the workspaces of 150 local artists. On Saturday, you can also partake in some retail therapy at the first of two installments of the Gowanus Girls indie design + food mart at Gowanus Grove. This new pop-up market was created to showcase the original creations of female-run design and food businesses, and a portion of the proceeds will go to help revitalize the surrounding area. Finally, to cap off a lovely day, you might head across the street to unwind at Lavender Lake, that new bar you’ve been hearing so much about lately. Trust me, the outdoor space and the fried Brussels sprouts with garlic aioli are enough to make you wish you’d been hanging out there all summer.–K.H.

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