Laugh In the Face of Monday


This summer, I was lucky enough to be at a special Pretty Good Friends show at the Bell House that concluded with a surprise appearance by David Cross. Seeing everyone’s favorite never nude (which is exactly what it sounds like) perform standup in person was very exciting, but that wasn’t the only memorable thing about that night. I also had the pleasure of seeing a young comedian I had never heard of, Michael Che, deliver an incredible set that made me think that I might be watching a future superstar. It turns out that Che, Nimesh Patel, and Mike Denny run a weekly comedy show out of Bar Matchless on Monday nights at 8:30pm, so it looks like a trip to Greenpoint is in my future. Broken Comedy just celebrated its first anniversary and has recently brought big talent like Hannibal Buress, Rachel Feinstein, and Myq Kaplan to the stage. So far, this week’s lineup includes Josh Gondelman and Tom McCaffrey. – K.H.

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