Time to Crack Some Gourds


Think you’ve got what it takes to carve a kick-ass jack-o-lantern? Prove it at the 3rd annual Pumpkin Carving Contest at Crest Hardware, or stop by to admire the glowing gourds in Crest’s garden, and vote on the best one. The rules are simple–carve your pumpkin at home, and bring it to Crest by 7pm, when you can register for the contest for $5. They will all be lit in the garden by 8pm, and public voting begins shortly after, with winners and prizes announced by 10. The all-ages event is free, though there will be adult beverages like Sam Adams Octoberfest and gluhwein on hand, along with snacks and cider. To size up the competition, check out photos from last year, and use our tips from pro pumpkin carvers to up your game. And if you’ve got plans Saturday night but still want to compete, bring your pumpkin to Smorgasburg by 1pm for Brooklyn Kitchen’s contest.


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