Volumes with Value


Sure, it would be nice to invest in stuff like real estate and expensive art, but those of us without a cool mil lying around might have to find another way to start building up our net worth. Have you ever considered starting a collection of signed, first edition books hand-picked by literary experts? As luck would have it, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that this Friday with the launch of Greenlight Bookstore’s brand-new First Editions Club. The first program of its kind in NYC, the club is a subscription service that will entitle members to receive one first edition of new book, signed by the author, every month. The books will be selected from among newly released titles that the Greenlight staff feels are both enjoyable and likely to increase in value. You can learn all about the club (and purchase a subscription) at a launch party this Friday at 7:30, which will include a panel discussion about rare and valuable books and a complimentary glass or two of champagne. A toast to your wise investment!

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