Pie in the Sky


Everyone has their little food obsessions. Some people travel thousands of miles to drink true Beaujolais Nouveau at its freshest and most covetable. Other people make systems and spreadsheets to qualify the properties that combine to form the perfect Philly Cheesesteak. My food obsession is pie. Flaky, buttery, light, thick, filled with custard, cheese, or fruit—anyway you can roll it with a pin, I am a fan of. Which is why I was so stoked to hear about Pie Corps‘ new store opening on Driggs this week, because, no joke, this place is a Mecca for pie enthusiasts. Not only do they have 9” and 6” varieties that reflect seasonal produce and tastes, but they have hand pies, palm pielettes (so sweet), mason jar pies (even sweeter), pie pops, and new to the company for their Greenpoint location, pie by the slice. They also sell savory pies in addition to sweet, so it’s not only possible to live exclusively off of their pies, it’ll be a problem not to. All their ingredients are traceable to local and tri-state area farms, and their changing pie list reads like Willy Wonka on a pastry jag. Do yourself a favor and drop by, so you can be a part of this awesomeness before it’s overrun by its own approbative word of mouth. — V.R.

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