Meditate to Music You Actually Like


I’m just gonna come out and say it: I have never really “gotten” yoga. Like everyone, I have addicted friends who extol its virtues ad nausem, but my own experiences with the practice have always left me wishing for less sitar and a lot more fun. Also, I always end up with a terrible stress headache, which doesn’t exactly add to the list of incentives for me to display my unpedicured feet and remarkable inflexibility to a room full of strangers for an hour.  Area Yoga’s new Rock ‘n’ Roll Yoga class just might make a convert of me though, and if the idea of downward dogging to Guns N’ Roses and Portishead sounds like fun to you, you should check it out too. Instructor Keri Sertaro came up with the concept after always feeling like she wanted to talk or sing along to music or laugh during yoga classes–and she encourages students in this class to do just that. The vibe is laid-back and only minimally New-Agey, but it’s still a rigorous workout well-scheduled (at 8:55pm)  for us working types. The kicker: All traces of my post-yoga headache were erased when Keri went around the class during the final stretching period and gave head massages that were worth the $11 cost of the class alone. –K.H.

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