Mark (Strand) Your Calendar


Personally, I’m a big fan of poetry, but I too have endured enough awkward readings, slams and open mics to know that not all of it is created equal, and a whole lot of what’s out there isn’t accessible to everyone. If you’ve mustered the interest but not the enthusiasm for verse in the past, but are game to give it another go, the perfect opportunity arrives at BookCourt this week when Mark Strand, winner of ALL the poetry prizes (including the Pulitzer) reads from Almost Invisible, his new collection of prose poems. Strand is one of the most readable poets publishing, certainly one of the best, and as a seasoned professor, knows how to get and keep the interest of his audience. Plus, prose poetry feels more familiar to those who haven’t dashed their parents’ dreams with that hard-won MFA, so this is both the event and collection to dive in with and ‘romp in the bookish dark.’ There’ll be a book signing and a Q&A after the reading, so be sure to pick up a copy when you’re officially won over! –-V.R.

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