Monster Mashin’ Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


Halloween is a great time of year. It allows me to convince my girlfriend to watch awful (awesome!) horror movies that she would normally veto for something more agreeable like a Godard film or Mean Girls. It also allows me to gain a lot of weight. Every year I hit up my local Rite Aid and buy bags upon bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, ‘cuz you never know when a kid might finally ring my bell for some chocolate peanut-buttery goodness. And every year when no one comes to my door, I eat those bags of candy and wash them down with delicious pumpkin ale (this year I’ll have two four-packs of Sixpoint Autumnation waiting in my fridge). Then I head out to my favorite Halloween party: Monster Mash 7 at Glasslands. Alana Amram throws this annual party with 20-30 bands dressing up as other bands and playing covers all night long. (It’s only $5, so buy your ticket now!)  This year, bands will be paying tribute to The Stooges, The Beatles, Bauhaus, Led Zeppelin, The Cramps, Blondie and more. B.A. Miale will also be providing some spooky projections on the wall and DJ Naughty Panther will provide music between bands (I’m hoping this is someone dressed as a naughty Pink Panther). This party is always tons of fun! And, this year proceeds will go to The Red Cross to help the newly homeless in Breezy Point, Lower Manhattan, Greenpoint and anywhere else needed. But if it’s not your speed, there are other options here.–J.H.

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