Post-Sandy Transport


Train service as of 9:30am.

By all accounts, it’s a rough commute out there. Here’s the latest from the MTA and the East River Ferry. We’ve already heard how much people are dreading their commutes home tonight after the morning haul to work. Good luck.


Here’s a modified, post-Sandy map of service, and here’s service, or lack of, by train line, in list form. Here are bus maps, for finding alternate routes that you might not normally take, and a map of shuttle bus stops running up and down 3rd Avenue and Lexington in Manhattan. All of it is free today and tomorrow.

The East River Ferry

The ferry is back up and running, but it’s modified and it sounds like it’s going to take a lot longer than normal, like everything else. Also, it is NOT free. Greenpoint and South Williamsburg stops are still closed due to damage. Here are the details the ferry folk sent us in an email:


The ferries will run on two modified routes: a northern loop, making stops at North Williamsburg, Long Island City, and East 34th Street; and a southern loop, making stops at North Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, and Wall Street/Pier 11. There will be free transfers at North Williamsburg. In addition, NY Waterway will continue to operate its free bus service from E34thStreet on a limited schedule throughout the day.

The ferries running on the northern loop will carry 149 passengers and arrive at each stop in 15-minute intervals, while the ferries on the southern loop will carry 399 passengers and arrive at each stop in 30-minute intervals. This schedule will allow the ferries to carry the greatest number of passengers.

The first ferries, for both routes, will leave from North Williamsburg at approximately 7 a.m., and the last ferries will leave from E 34th Street and Wall Street/Pier 11 at approximately 6 p.m.

Ferry stops in Greenpoint and South Williamsburg will remain closed until further notice, as damage from Hurricane Sandy continues to be assessed.

Due to damage to ticketing equipment, NY Waterway will be selling tickets on-board the ferry, available for purchase by cash only. Download the NY Waterway ferry app for free from for the most up-to-date schedules and conditions. 

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