Petition for Shuttle Bus for the L and G


An L and G shuttle bus would be a sight for sore eyes at this point. Photo: Ultraclay

Councilwoman Tish James and Lincoln Restler have started this petition for the MTA to provide shuttle buses along the G and L train lines. It makes sense, if you live along the G or L you have to walk to the JMZ or the 7 to get into the city right now, or find a bus alternative, and frankly, buses have been few and far between in North Brooklyn over the past few days.  Here’s the text of the press release they just sent out:

In the wake of an unprecedented natural disaster, we are greatly appreciative of the MTA’s remarkable restoration of 84% of subway service. Yet we are extremely concerned about the lack of mass transit access for residents along the L and G subway lines. These trains are not redundant – but essential lifelines for hundreds of thousands of Brooklynites.

As we await the draining of these subway tunnels, we hope the MTA will swiftly expand bus service. We strongly suggest implementation of temporary shuttle bus service along the L and G routes to connect stranded residents to active subway lines.

In just minutes, hundreds of Brooklynites have signed this petition: View the Petition

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