A Roast Without the Turkey


The very concept of a roast is hilarious—getting a bunch of smart people together to talk smack about a celebrity who’s in on the joke is, generally speaking, a recipe for an entertaining evening. In recent years, though, classic roasts have given way to weird, pathetic lampoons of quote-finger “celebs” like Charlie Sheen and Flavor Flav. This Tuesday, BAM’s coming to the rescue with a roast that’s guaranteed to be a return to those old-school versions where the jokes are so good you almost don’t notice that they’re really rather mean. As part of the Unbound series BAM is hosting with nabe fave Greenlight (we covered their event featuring Andrew Zolli’s Resilience recently), Gary Shteyngart will take center stage as friends, colleagues, and other literati like Jay McInerney and Sloane Crosley aim their most pointed comments at the Super Sad True Love Story author. Judging from the (AMAZING) book trailer for Super Sad True Love Story, the man can take a joke, so don’t be surprised if some zingers are returned right back. Tickets are $20 and available on BAM’s site.

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