Bright Flash, Big City


There’s something that I’ve always found particularly riveting about New York nightlife photography. Not the stuff you used to find online back in the early aughts that featured some overdressed club kid pouting at the camera, but the kind of artfully shot photos that allude to the joy and tragedy of the scene, like the gritty stuff done by Nan Goldin and Diane Arbus back in the day. A new book, New York at Night: Photography after Dark, collects a number of the best photos from artists ranging from Goldin and Arbus to Weegee, Stanley Kubrick, Ryan McGinley, Helmut Newton, and way, way more. This Thursday, powerHouse is hosting a launch party for the book, featuring a conversation between the book’s photo editors Yolanda Cuomo and Norma Stevens and powerHouse’s founder Daniel Power. Expect to come out full of knowledge about the NYC nightlife photo scene—as well as with the perfect gift for your wish-they-lived-in-New York friends. –C.A.

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