Don’t Drop your Shop


Shopping. It’s something a lot of us will be doing, or have already been doing whether we like it or not. So why not take it easy on yourself and make the experience as pleasant as possible? There are two great holiday shopping opportunities this weekend and no matter what your shopping style (or lack thereof), we bet you’ll be able to cross at least one person off your list. First, Etsy’s 5th Annual Holiday Handmade Cavalcade (as charming to attend as it is hard to say) will be showcasing the homemade, handmade, one-of-a-kind goods of over 40 local designers and crafters, with present possibilities ranging from clothing to housewares, and from stationary to shampoo. Plus, the first 100 guests on each day of the two-day DIY extravaganza get their own gift of a free bag filled with hand-crafted Etsy swag. A present for buying presents—need we say more? However, there are still those holiday holdouts who don’t want to set foot in a real life store no matter how adorable that upcycled pincushion is. Solution? Move the shopping from the store to a bar. Pine Box Rock Shop is holding their 2nd Annual Holiday Sale this Saturday, where you can sip Bloody Marys or any of craft beers from their vast selection as you peruse each vendor’s variation of the Cool Gift (screen printed T-shirts, jewelry, and terrariums to name a few) that you would expect from the super chill, cool-without-even-trying vibe of Pine Box.

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