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Tuesday we brought you the story of Frederick Cook–an explorer and physician who lived in Bushwick once upon a time, and who may have been the first person to reach the North Pole. The explorer rivalry he had with recognized North Pole first, Robert Peary, is pretty fascinating, and I love sending out historical stories about Brooklyn by Allison Meier. She’s a tireless researcher and finds cool tales to tell. History stories aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea though (even when they’re about a dude who helped blast a ship out of Antarctic ice and who trekked to the North Pole with a small team of Inuits), so I’m just so happy that Die Hipster picked up the story and wrote about it this morning so it would get a little more attention.

You know the Colbert Bump? Anne Patchett described the bump from a small business perspective in this month’s Atlantic Magazine as part of really lovely article about opening Parnassus Books, Nashville’s only bookstore. When she went on the Colbert Report she offered to sign copies of her new book, State of Wonder, if viewers bought them through the Parnassus website–soon she had a mountain of orders that was nearly impossible to keep up with. And MSNBC found that the Colbert Bump a real political phenomenon. Anyhow, we’ve discovered the Brooklyn equivalent: The Die Hipster Bump.

Both the original story and the quick post I put up presenting a pensive portrait of a bearded Cook alongside a modern photo of the Mast Brothers, (because of the strong and amusing resemblance between the two) have gotten a ton of hits today, far more than I would normally expect a few days after the publish date. So thanks DH–t’s a great story and I appreciate your efforts to broadcast to a wider audience.


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  1. SwampYankee -

    Enjoy your page hits, shame you could not get them for something artisinal. You do realize we are laughing at you, not with you? Now what Brooklyn High School did you say you went to skinny jeans?


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