Customize Your BB Subscription, Embrace Your Inner Superfan


You will know the BB Superfans by the bags they carry.

To our favorite readers:

It’s been an eventful year at Brooklyn Based–our best ever–and we’re ending 2012 on an exciting note. Starting today, we’re expanding to five days a week and offering customized subscriptions so you can choose exactly what lands in your inbox each day. So to anyone who has ever asked us, “Can I just get the Tip Sheet?,”  now, my friend, you can.

On Mondays we’ll deliver restaurant and bar news (coming later today: a review of Xixa, the new Mexican-inspired restaurant by the folks from Traif), Tuesdays we’ll introduce you to a new shop, service or good, Wednesday you’ll get our Tip Sheet, then on to culture on Thursday when we’ll highlight an upcoming concert, a new book or anther cultural gem you won’t want to miss, and on Fridays we’ll send one of our longer features, guides, day trips or columns. You can update your subscriber settings here.

You can even opt out of our Dedicated, or sponsored emails. We send these on occasion to help pay for our coverage of Brooklyn events, food, personalities, history and trends. You can get a Dedicated-free inbox (and lots of goodies to boot), by becoming a 2013 BB Superfan. If you’ve ever been turned on to a fun event in our Tip Sheet, used one of our guides like the best Outdoor Bars, or love stories like our History of Prospect Park, Superfandom is a great way to help us continue producing quality content and continue paying our fantastic writers. In exchange, we’ll send you these sweet tokens of appreciation:

  • A BAGGU tote in one of three colors
  • A choice of free entrance to Wedding Crashers in March 2013 (our non-stuffy wedding fair) or our anniversary party at The Royal Palms in May 2013, the month it opens
  • Two cards to the Immersion of your choice, so you don’t have to stand on line on a Saturday for one
  • Automatic entrance in all of our contests, filled with boatloads of awesome prizes like a brand-new Brooklyn Cruiser, gift certificates to restaurants and memberships to Brooklyn’s finest cultural institutions

Superfandom is $45 for the year–well worth the loot you get when you sign up, considering the tote is $10 and the tickets are $25 each. Superfans will help us provide even more coverage of our favorite borough. We’ll still love you if you don’t choose this option, of course. But for all you soon-to-be Superfans, we really appreciate the extra support and the improvements it will fund.

We hope Brooklyn Based is as fun for you to read as it is for us to write and deliver. Superfan or subscriber, thanks for another great year!

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