A Christmas Goose and a Merry Christmas to All


In the modern era of Black Thursday Walmart sales (shudder) and Amazon holiday wish lists, I often wonder what happened to the old-timey traditions that used to define Christmas. You know, the Dickensian stuff: carolers, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, figgy pudding and Yule logs that aren’t broadcast in HD. Has anyone actually ever encountered a Christmas goose? I haven’t, and that’s one reason I’m intrigued by the upcoming Holiday Dinner put on by slow food supper club I Was Really, Very Hungry.  The menu features items that I’ve heard about my whole life but never actually seen like wassail, oyster pie, Yorkshire pudding, and, of course, goose–all accompanied by carefully selected wine pairings. The event takes place on Saturday at 8pm at Vinegar Hill Sound, a recording studio that promises to be a an impressive space. Tickets are available here for $100, but keep in mind that almost all of the proceeds will go directly toward another feast that the supper club will prepare next week for over 200 Far Rockaway residents devastated by Sandy. In short, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a memorable holiday meal and to ensure that others in our city who are in need of support right now can do the same. And that, at least in my estimation, is what Christmas is really supposed to be about. – K.H.

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