Swing State Soiree


We have a lot to thank Ohio for beyond its role in the election last month: the Buckeye State has produced hundreds of movers and shakers like Neil Armstrong, Toni Morrison, the Wright brothers, Dave Grohl, Kid Cudi, George Clooney, Gail Collins, and many of our neighbors right here in Brooklyn. There are so many Ohioan ex-pats among us that they even have their own blog, OhioNYC.com, which will be hosting an Ohio-centric holiday party this Thursday. The party starts at 8:30pm at Owl Farm, the newish Park Slope beer bar from the people behind Mission Dolores and Bar Great Harry. Eric Davidson, the singer for Columbus punk band the New Bomb Turks, will be manning the DJ table and Ohio-themed prizes will be raffled off. You don’t need to be a born Buckeye to attend–a healthy appreciation for the state and a desire to get $1 off drinks all night long is all that’s required.

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