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Since Clara Williams first began selling her organic, wonderful smelling soaps online in 2007, skinnyskinny has been a longtime favorite shop of ours. Today, along with her new site, Williams has a beautiful, rustic storefront built with reclaimed materials on the corner of Grand and Roebling in Williamsburg, filled with new skinnyskinny products like dry shampoos and body butters and sweet gifts like terrariums. Everything she stocks does double duty as a product that will make you feel great because of its quality and because its all-natural ingredients place little impact on the planet. Here are a few great gift ideas available in the store and online–you’ll have a hard time not keeping some for yourself. 

Organic Citrus Gift Set
A box of citrus fruit has been a classic Christmas gift for over a century, but a much more original twist that will brighten spirits no matter where it’s sent is skinnyskinny’s citrus gift set. Included is a large, enticingly scented Grapefruit and Cardamom Organic Dry Shampoo, Clementine and Clove Organic Body Scrub, Vanilla and Orange Body Butter, Clover and Citrus Organic Lip Balm and the Lemon and Blood Orange Organic Bar Soap. It’s a box of citrusy-sunshine that will last them all winter long. $80.

Coconut Ginger and Lime Body Scrub
Like all of skinnyskinny’s body scrubs (there are 5 in all) , the combinations of scents are as invigorating as they are delicious to breathe in. This luxurious scrub is made with shredded coconut and sugar that will gently polish your dry skin away. $26.

Rose and Black Pepper Dry Shampoo
We use skinnyskinny dry shampoo at home, because, well, who wants to waste all that time washing your hair when you could just rub some fabulous smelling powder through it that will make it look and smell just as clean? These dry shampoos (there are four scents total, in full and travel sizes) give your hair an awesome texture and volume, too, so it’s like a shampoo and blowout in one. Think of all the time you’ll save, while looking great to boot. Rose and Black Pepper, a slightly spicy scent with a nice amount of floral, is perfect for men and women. $32.

Terrariums, Air Plants and More Greenery
Along with its invigorating, sweet-smelling bath and beauty products that will brighten your mood, skinnyskinny has an array of decorative plants that will liven up your home. Choose from terrariums in recycled glass containers, African violets in vintage mugs, air plants in hanging glass ornaments, a custom tool box planter for your favorite urban gardener, and more.

Orange and Vanilla Body Butter
This wonderful, incredibly concentrated moisturizer–with a delicious but not-too-sweet scent–can packed in carry-on bags for holiday travel or simply carried with you in your bag or purse. Because there is no added water (unlike in most lotions and moisturizers), a little bit of this truly amazing body butter goes a long way. (For more ways to keep your skin soft, check out all of skinnyskinny’s moisturizers here. $20.

skinnyskinny (718-366-2201) is located at 268 Grand Street at Roebling St. and open daily, 11am to 7pm Mon.-Thur. and 11am to 8pm Fri.-Sun. You can order anything online, or search for its products at a store near you.

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