Sugar Shack


Childhood obesity is a nationwide epidemic and Cookie Monster now tells kids that cookies are a “sometimes food,” so it’s not surprising that the Christmas tradition of making gingerbread houses seems to be on the wane. Okay, so maybe gluing sugar onto sugar with still more sugar is not really part of a winning heath or dental strategy, but lighten up guys–it’s only once a year!  On Sunday, The Farm on Adderley is teaming up with the Hootenanny Art House to provide pre-made gingerbread and all the fixings for kids and kids at heart to create their dream houses in candy, and don’t worry–it’s not all that terrible for you. The gingerbread and trimmings will be all-natural, with no corn syrup or artificial colors.  Each house costs $30 and there will be seatings at 10am, 11:30am and 1pm. Sign up in advance by emailing or calling 718-369-0528, and get ready to start decorating!

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