Cheese Please!


So, sober January. You’ve watched every movie worth watching on Netflix, seen every new release in the theater and you’ve already watched more Law & Order re-runs in your life than any human should. You’ve been to yoga, hit the treadmill and taken long walks. What does a person do to be social when the bar is off limits? Learn something new, in this case, all about cheese. Chris George is a total cheese-world star who has set up shop in Greenpoint, opening what he’s calling The World’s Smallest Cheese School on Freeman Street. Sign up for Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cheese (In two hours), and, well, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cheese. There will be ample opportunity to taste what George, who has worked everywhere from Neal’s Yard Dairy in the UK to Murray’s, Bedford Cheese Shop and The San Francisco Cheese School, is talking about. And, if you’re not teetotalling, feel free to bring libations along. The class is $50, and begins at 7pm.

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