Punk Rock powerHouse


In the late ’70s, rock ‘n’ roll took a turn for the worse as kids began writing songs using only three chords and safety-pinning everything in sight. This was more than just a bunch of bad guitarists in ripped clothes. It was a movement, and it was around this time that  John Holmstrom, along with future Please Kill Me author Legs McNeil, created Punk magazine. Now the movement had a name and a publication that would profile artists like The Ramones, Television, Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Johnny Thunders and even the Sex Pistols when they came to town. Holmstrom (who also did the art work for two Ramones’ albums) has put together a book compiling the best articles, interviews and behind the scenes info: The Best of Punk Magazine. Catch him this Friday at powerHouse Arena, along with some very special guests, presenting the book and discussing punk rock history. The $15 ticket price not only admits you, but can also be used toward the price of the book, which will be available. –J.H.

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