Bruuuuuuce in Brooklyn


Look, I am fully aware that in Brooklyn in 2013, loving Bruce Springsteen might not be the coolest thing in the world, but I frankly just don’t care. Many moons ago, my dad took me and my best friend to the Tunnel of Love tour at MSG for my 11th birthday. It was my first concert, and I still think it was one the best I’ve been to, although I’ve seen a lot of live music since. Even then, I recognized Bruce as a masterful showman and a skilled raconteur who used rock and roll to delve into subjects like the Vietnam War and the American class divide with simple, unvarnished realism and relatability. Years later, I studied Bruce in an college class (liberal arts education FTW!) and was gratified but hardly surprised to discover that his oeuvre, which is at once tenaciously political and somehow universal, has inspired an impressive amount of highbrow scholarship, which now includes two new books by Marc Dolan and Caryn Rose. Both authors will be appearing at Word on Tuesday for a special Springsteen night, which will include a debate and conversation that is sure to cover topics like Ronald Reagan’s misguided attempt to use Born in the USA on the 1984 campaign trail and American Skin (41 Shots), Springsteen’s controversial song about Amadou Diallo. Don’t worry though, it won’t all be serious: there will also be a Springsteen trivia game with Bruce-themed prizes at stake and free Sixpoint beer for all.  It is strongly recommended that you RSVP via Facebook for the event, which starts at 7pm.–K.H.

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  1. Jordan -

    For a second I was all excited for something E.L.O.-related. Not going to hate on Springsteen, but don’t bring me down. (Also not the coolest thing in the world.)


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