Pick Your (Tarot) Card at Pete’s


Who hasn’t secretly thought of ducking into one of those sketchy ‘Psychics’ whose neon signs and basement offices are littered throughout the city? Definitely us, though the con artist factor always keeps us from entering. Which is why we’re stoked about the new Fortune Telling Night happening Wednesdays at Pete’s Candy Store. Winston Ludlow, the psychic and Tarot reader behind this new residency, will not only tell your future, but guarantees your reading will end on a positive card. Stacking the deck? Who doesn’t need a boost to their “future” prospects? Personally, we predict that you’ll want to make a Pete’s double-header this week, and catch the Chapin Sisters new Thursday night residency too. Skeptical? Check out our resident music shaman David Chiu’s personal reading and be prepared to believe.

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