Pilates at the Perfect Pace


For the uninitiated, Pilates can feel like an intimidating exercise routine to get into. But Karrie Adamany is a master at making the positions seem simple and natural, and if you have a bad back, are pregnant, a new mom or just want to flatten that tummy, Pilates will feel like a magic bullet (even physical therapists use the principles of Pilates for their patients). Adamany offers house calls which are invaluable for getting the most from her customized approach (after just one I’ve already changed the way I sit and walk), specializes in pre- and post-natal Pilates, and teaches classes in the city, too. With over a decade of experience under her belt, and two Pilates books to her name (Post-Pregnancy Pilates and The Pilates Edge) this is the woman you should learn from. Check out her testimonials, sign up for a pre-natal or post-pregnancy class at Caribou Baby, a general class in the city or at Flesh + Bone Pilates in Williamsburg, or get in touch to arrange a private session. Get $40 off your first home visit when you mention BB.–N.D.

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