Fishy Friends In Need


It’s still difficult to comprehend the scope of the damage incurred from Superstorm Sandy—and human populations were not the only ones affected. The much beloved NY Aquarium, located just off Coney Island’s boardwalk, was hit especially hard. Brews for the NYAQ, an event co-sponsored in part by Brooklyn Brewery, is celebrating the efforts of staff who went above and beyond protecting Coney’s finned and flippered residents from the winds, storm surge, and electrical catastrophes of the storm, and most importantly, to help supply the crucial funds necessary to get the aquarium back on its feet and reopened. All proceeds from the event go to the Aquarium Recovery Fund, and whether you make the one-time ticket donation for admission, or decide to further your financial support and become a young patron, you’ll be aiding in the preservation of one of the city’s greatest aquatic institutions.

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