Movie Music Mash-Up


Cinebeasts is a collective of self-described film nerds who organize screenings all over the city in various venues ranging from bars to theaters to your mom’s living room! (Okay, mayyyybe not literally, but they do have a knack for finding unusual spots.) This Thursday they’ll be hanging at Videology. They’ve started a monthly series called FILM STUDIES where a guest DJ collaborates with a Cinebeasts VJ to rework a film’s storyline into a new one, or an entire genre into a meta-movie. They have it projected onto three screens while the DJ spins an accompanying soundtrack. This time they’ll be focusing on “the 90s representation of cyberspace, the singularity, and the collapse of the techno-utopian dream” with 12×12 and other members of Voodoo Down Records. It promises to be a dance party and screening in one. We’re expecting some Lawnmower Man meets Terminator 2 type of fun!

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