Shabbat in the City


As a humanist Jewish girl working in the media, my relationship with Judaism skews more in the chicken soup, Woody Allen, synagogue on High Holy Days vein than the realm of observing Shabbat and keeping kosher—but, living in a borough with such a prominent Orthodox population, I can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to live in that world. Thanks to a breakup, Rebecca Dana, a Manhattan journalist and secular Jew, ended up moving to Crown Heights and living with a jujitsu-practicing rabbi who was going through his own crisis of faith. Dana’s experience forms the basis for Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde, a memoir that explores her time in the Orthodox neighborhood. She’ll be appearing at BookCourt on Monday in conversation with Emily Gould, who will certainly have her own thoughts on being a woman in the media and the art of memoir. Afterwards, enjoy your own only-in-NY Jewish cultural mash-up a few blocks away at Dassara. Though their already-legendary deli ramen isn’t necessarily always on the menu, you’re always able to add matzo balls to your ramen. –C.A.

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