A Ridic Ke$ha Reduxxx


For every rule there’s an exception, for every game, a game-changer, and for every once-in-a-lifetime experience, there’s some crazy, glitter-starved club kids who dare to do the impossible, and make it TWICE in a lifetime. If you were lucky enough to catch last year’s A Very Ke$Ha Birthday Party at the now sadly shuttered Veronica People’s Club, it’s time to hitch your glam rock star to a unicorn-drawn Delorean and go back in time for the remix at the Bell House, ‘cuz it’s time for A Very Ke$ha Birthday 2: Moar Glitter edition. Adventure[s] is attempting this theme-party tear in the time space continuum in honor of DJs Marley and Choyce Hacks, but as fellow supplicants to bedazzled rainbows, Jarlsberg, and the dance floor, you’re invited too. Just don’t think this kind of magical mayhem will strike more than twice.

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